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What is Hood-Nic About?

For one, it's all love without a doubt.

Unity in the community.

Old and young, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons.

Where everything is all good,

A beautiful day on the neighborhood.

Entertaining the kids,

Teaching them a better way to live, than we did.

Remembering the deceased and keeping the peace.

Reuniting with distant friends and family.

A celebrated moment in time,

Giving everyone a peace of mind.

That regardless of what you've done, or how you're living, you're forgiven.

For your life doesn't have to be magnificent to attend the Hood-Nic.

While being inspired that you can make it by far,

As you vote on whose got the freshest car,

And meeting the neighborhood superstar(s).

Connecting the faces with the name behind the fame,

Finding out who they really are,

Constituting the Hood-Nic, a blossoming event,

Where everyone comes to represent

With respect and admiration controlling the day.

Compelled by rhythmic ballads,

the musical sounds of upcoming neighborhood talent,

While going from venue to venue, seeing what's on the menu.

A glorious day this must be to be alive and free.

This is something that every town needs to see,

The influence that the unity of the Hood-Nic has on you and me.

By: Carl J. Nash, Poet


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