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Delta N.E.Y.O.

Serving Dumas, Arkansas and surrounding areas for well over a decade, the Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization strives to expand educational programs and increase community involvement.

Delta N.E.Y.O. aims to empower youth and their families in poverty-stricken areas, by encouraging them to stay active in their schools, communities, and homes. Our vision is that these families will work along the schools, law enforcement agencies, city officials, local community organizations, and more, to create the greatest possible opportunities to our Youth at an affordable or no cost.


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Kids at HoodNic
Kids at HoodNic

Our annual Hood-Nic, (Neighborhood Picnic) has taken place the weekend of spring break of every year. Our goal is to raise funds, which will provide scholarships, school supplies, and more to deserving individuals.


Our mission is to rebuild, reunite, and respond to the needs of the youth in our communities. 

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Empowering the youth of Dumas since 2004.


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